How It Works

Incorporating FiduciaSolutions into your organization gives you the peace of mind that internal controls are protecting what matters: your clients, donors, staff, and bottom line.

Our Approach

It begins with registering annually to access the free FiduciaSolutions Tip Line. Clients wanting to be proactive by understanding the risk in their financial process and to reduce the opportunity for theft choose the FiduciaSolutions Comprehensive Program. In subsequent years, we recommend a FiduciaSolutions Annual Review to measure progress in risk reduction, to ensure compliance with controls, and to adapt customized solutions to organizational changes.

We are proud to offer the Tip Line service for FREE. Since all organizations vary in structure, please contact us for pricing on the Comprehensive Program and Annual Review.

Still unsure about what the FiduciaSolutions Comprehensive Program can do for your organization? Consider the following potential benefits:

  • Subscribing to the Comprehensive Program provides access to our staff of accountants and experts on fraud and embezzlement should there be any questions throughout the year.
  • The in-depth analysis that results from applying the FiduciaSolutions Comprehensive Program may be helpful in revealing financial operations inefficiencies.
  • Controllership Scorecards may be used annually as a measure of managerial performance.
  • Process Maps created during the analysis may be useful in training new staff.
  • Having accounting controls in place may reduce the cost of an annual financial audit by external accountants.
  • In the event that an issue is revealed, FiduciaSolutions can help connect your organization with forensic accounting experts to resolve the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • Financial risk reduction programs also may be appealing to insurance underwriters when assessing commercial policy premiums.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE 2014) reported that the typical organization loses 5% of revenues to all types of fraud annually. Can you afford not to implement the FiduciaSolutions Comprehensive Program?

For consultation with one of our representatives, please contact us.